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A ‘Left-overs’ Sandwich

So I woke up this morning to pack a sandwich for my son Abi’s lunch and remembered that I skipped my grocery shopping yesterday. After having scoured the fridge I found a piece of bacon, half an apple and a block of cheese.

I came up with surprisingly good results!

A  buttered wholegrain baguette –  with a filling of smoked bacon layered between a slice of english cheddar, sliced washington apple and a bed of rocket, with a drizzle of maple syrup


My All-Time Favourites

PicCollage copy Just a a collage of some of my favourite dishes – grilled  Atlantic salmon with strawberries on a bed of lettuce – pate de foie gras – vol au vent – creamy morels and chicken – my all time favourite ‘quenelles de brochet with nantua sauce’ ( a Lyonnaise speciality ) This dish is very close to my heart! Watch out for the recipe.

A Gastronomical Delight


On a recent visit to Paris I discovered some fantastic savory dishes at the famous Laduree on Champs-Elysees. I was pleasantly surprised to see the extensive menu and was not disappointed when our food arrived.

My starter was the classic French pate de foie gras – it was a house special and what made it extremely unusual was that it was served along with a macaroon, sprinkled with coarse sea salt. The macaroons were a first for me but – Ah! My taste buds went into overdrive on the first bite – the blend of the sweet and salty flavor  – the crunchy macaroon along with the  melt – in – your – mouth smooth pate, crusty bread – and accompanied by a glass of crisp chilled Rose wine,


My mains consisted of a vol-au-vent with chicken and a morels – a warm, crisp, flaky casing encased with a layer of mushrooms and a pouring of a chicken morel cream sauce – I was in heaven.

IMG_8115 (2)


Dessert was their delicious Gateau St. Honore, named after the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs. It was an explosion of heavenly flavours of choux pastry, cream and caramelised sugar.


I will be posting my version of these dishes shortly!