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Giant Pretzels, Spargel and all things German!


A German Pilsner in hand – watching the sun go down in Baden-Baden – looking forward to a meal of Spargel ( white asparagus )served with warm Hollandaise sauce.

I ordered one with some Serrano ham and boiled potatoes – mmm…it was magic.


The schweincotlett caught my roving eye, and even though my stomach was groaning in protest – I couldn’t resist! So here we go… 🙂


Woke up the next morning determined to walk off last night’s meal…..sauntered by a baker’s window and look what I found


Gorgeous gorgeous freshly baked giant pretzels with a liberal sprinkle of coarse sea salt. Couldn’t resist! Picked up one and munched along the way…..

The baker obviously believed – big is better! 🙂

Lovely freshly baked giants.