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Things that make you go Mmm…..the decadent Parisian hot Chocolate!

At home, I grew up with a mug of hot chocolate a couple of times a week. A glass of steaming hot milk with a couple of teaspoons of chocolate powder – when we were lucky it was Nesquik – but ordinarily – just the local Cadbury’s version . It wasn’t very different in boarding school in Switzerland except that the hot chocolate tasted much much better with Suchard! Over the years I discarded hot chocolate for the very addictive shot of caffeine found in the popular cappuccino.

On a recent trip to Paris I tasted what I can only describe as the most decadent and sexy dark hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of drinking – which I ultimately discovered is the classic French recipe!

PicCollage copy 2

A wonderfully rich,dark, thick, warm and delicious mug of chocolatey happiness  – totally unlike any I’ve had before. It felt like I was drinking pure melted chocolate.

I discovered the trick is simple.
Warm some milk, cream and sugar to taste – as it simmers take it off the heat. Break up a bar of good quality dark chocolate and stir it in slowly – if required put it back on heat to dissolve the any left-over chocolate. Pour it into a mug – and if you are a brave heart, top the steaming mixture with a dollop of cream. I loved the flavour of the sprinkling of sea salt they added into my mug.
Very rich – I must warn you, and could actually be had as a meal accompanied by a delicious French dessert – Maybe a Mille-Feuille, a macaroon, crepes or a Gateau of any sort 🙂

I missed having the high tea at the iconic Angelina tea house in Paris which is known for the best hot chocolate in France – and a must-do – but hey – for all you chocoholics who haven’t tried this yet – there’s something very special waiting to be discovered.

PicCollage copy  this pic: courtesy angelina website

Ok now I’m off to make myself a mug 🙂