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Things that make you go Mmm…..the decadent Parisian hot Chocolate!

At home, I grew up with a mug of hot chocolate a couple of times a week. A glass of steaming hot milk with a couple of teaspoons of chocolate powder – when we were lucky it was Nesquik – but ordinarily – just the local Cadbury’s version . It wasn’t very different in boarding school in Switzerland except that the hot chocolate tasted much much better with Suchard! Over the years I discarded hot chocolate for the very addictive shot of caffeine found in the popular cappuccino.

On a recent trip to Paris I tasted what I can only describe as the most decadent and sexy dark hot chocolate I have ever had the pleasure of drinking – which I ultimately discovered is the classic French recipe!

PicCollage copy 2

A wonderfully rich,dark, thick, warm and delicious mug of chocolatey happiness  – totally unlike any I’ve had before. It felt like I was drinking pure melted chocolate.

I discovered the trick is simple.
Warm some milk, cream and sugar to taste – as it simmers take it off the heat. Break up a bar of good quality dark chocolate and stir it in slowly – if required put it back on heat to dissolve the any left-over chocolate. Pour it into a mug – and if you are a brave heart, top the steaming mixture with a dollop of cream. I loved the flavour of the sprinkling of sea salt they added into my mug.
Very rich – I must warn you, and could actually be had as a meal accompanied by a delicious French dessert – Maybe a Mille-Feuille, a macaroon, crepes or a Gateau of any sort 🙂

I missed having the high tea at the iconic Angelina tea house in Paris which is known for the best hot chocolate in France – and a must-do – but hey – for all you chocoholics who haven’t tried this yet – there’s something very special waiting to be discovered.

PicCollage copy  this pic: courtesy angelina website

Ok now I’m off to make myself a mug 🙂

A Gastronomical Delight


On a recent visit to Paris I discovered some fantastic savory dishes at the famous Laduree on Champs-Elysees. I was pleasantly surprised to see the extensive menu and was not disappointed when our food arrived.

My starter was the classic French pate de foie gras – it was a house special and what made it extremely unusual was that it was served along with a macaroon, sprinkled with coarse sea salt. The macaroons were a first for me but – Ah! My taste buds went into overdrive on the first bite – the blend of the sweet and salty flavor  – the crunchy macaroon along with the  melt – in – your – mouth smooth pate, crusty bread – and accompanied by a glass of crisp chilled Rose wine,


My mains consisted of a vol-au-vent with chicken and a morels – a warm, crisp, flaky casing encased with a layer of mushrooms and a pouring of a chicken morel cream sauce – I was in heaven.

IMG_8115 (2)


Dessert was their delicious Gateau St. Honore, named after the French patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs. It was an explosion of heavenly flavours of choux pastry, cream and caramelised sugar.


I will be posting my version of these dishes shortly!